Welcome to Bequaert Old Books, an old, out of print, and antiquarian bookstore located in the center of historic Fitzwilliam, NH.

Bequaert Books is Closing.

We shall be closing Bequaert Old Books in the near future. We have put our residence and the business up for sale as a single package.
To see the details of this offering, click here: Sale of Business

Still in Business.
Our shop is closed right now for the winter season, but we are still selling books on the internet.
To see what we have to offer, click on "Search our Books" on the side bar.
We'll be opening the shop on a limited basis starting with the Round the Mountain Sale (see below) in early April.
Watch this space for our hours. And if you want to set up an appointment to visit the shop, send us an e-mail. (see below)

Round the Mountain Book Sale
We'll be participating in the Round the Mountain Sale again on April 6 to 9, 2017. For details go to: www.roundthemountain.com

CEC Tumble's Web Page
Tumble, our late great CEC, (Chief Executive Cat) had a web page where he describes our mail order operations.
Take a look by clicking on:Tumble On the Mail Order Book Business

Bequaert Old Books, PO Box 775, Fitzwilliam, NH 03447-0775
e-mail: fbequaert@gmail.com

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