Welcome to Bequaert Old Books, an old, out of print, and antiquarian bookstore located in the center of historic Fitzwilliam, NH.

Bequaert Books is Closing.

We are now selling off our internet stock by categories. See below for the details and how you can inspect the books on-line.

Our shop is still open.
Our fall hours are currently as follows:
Mondays and Wednesdays 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Fridays 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
We will be open Saturday October 21 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
We will not be open Saturday October 28th.
Other days by chance or appointment. To make an appointment, call 603-585-3448 during shop hours or call evenings after 7 p.m. at 603-585-9205.
We're offering an ongoing discount of 30% off all marked prices of books in the shop plus fantastic deals on large purchases.

As part of the Round the Mountain book sale November 2 through 5 we shall be holding a deeply discounted book sale. Visit www.roundthemountain.com for details.


We are still selling the books we currently have listed on the internet in lots. These books will be sold in lots by category and, in some cases, by sub-category. We can provide listings of all of the books in any lot purchased. Thus putting the books you purchase on-line should be quick and efficient. This is an opportunity to obtain lots of higher end books to augment your internet stock at bargain prices.

Guidelines for these sales are as follows:

  1. Sales at the sale prices will be by complete lots, no partial lots or cherry picking of individual books. However, individual books may still be purchased through ABE Books at the listed prices.

  2. Book lots are to be picked up at Bequaert Old Books. No shipping.

  3. With each lot of books sold, we will provide a file containing a complete copy of our current internet listing for the books in the lot or lots you purchase. This file will be either in UIEE format and/or in text format equivalent to the current on-line listing of the books in the lot. Depending on the data base program being used by the buyer, such files can be used to facilitate entry of the books on the internet. For example, if a buyer is using Homebase 3, the data on the purchased books can be entered directly into a Homebase data base using the UIEE format file.

  4. It is possible to inspect any lot offered for sale by looking at the listings on ABE Books for that lot.

  5. Payment to be made at time of purchase. Time payment will be considered in special cases.

  6. The price we have set for each lot is roughly 20% of our estimate of the sum of the competitive retail prices of all of the books in the lot.

We have set up a table listing the lots of books that we have for sale. This table lists the lots by category and subcategory, the approximate number of books in each lot and the asking price for that lot. For each lot or sublot, codes are provided that permit you to look at our listings for all of the books in that lot. If you see lots that are of interest in the table, write down the code (or code and subcode) for those lots and return to this page.

To look at the table click here CATEGORIES FOR SALE.

If you want to look at the listings for a particular category, click on the link below (CHECK LISTINGS). You will then be looking at a page in ABE Books where you can search the books we have listed on ABE Books. On this page simply enter the 3 letter code (that begins with an "X") for a category in the KEYWORDS section and press enter. You should see the listings for all of our books in that category.

If you want to look at the listings for a subcategory, enter both the category code and the subcategory code (beginning with a "Z) under KEYWORDS.

Check here to look at book listings: CHECK LISTINGS

Further Notes:

  1. When looking at our listings on the internet, some listed prices may be significantly higher than the prices for identical books listed by other vendors. In determining the prices asked for various lots, we have taken these differences into account and tried to set the lot prices at 20% of the total of the true market values of the listed books. Note that we have given a "Cost Per Book" for each lot being offered in the category table.

  2. If you wish and are seriously interested in a lot, we can send you a file with the listings of the books in a particular category or subcategory.

  3. If you are seriously interested in a category or subcategory lot, we can reevaluate the lot price. In no case will the reevaluated price be greater than the current price. If there are no subcategories for a particular category, we may be able to create subcategory lots if you are interested in part of a category lot. Let us know your interests and we'll see what we can do in creating subcategories.

And Finally: Feel free to contact us at the e-mail address below.

Bequaert Old Books, PO Box 775, Fitzwilliam, NH 03447-0775
e-mail: fbequaert@gmail.com

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