Bequaert Books is Closed.

We have moved a portion of our internet book business to a new location in Swanzey NH. We'll be selling exclusively on the internet and no longer have an open shop. Most of our furnishings are gone but we still have a few shelve bookcases that are 7 feet tall and 41 inches wide. Most are 7.25 inches deep ($25), a few are 9.25 inches deep ($30). They fit nicely in a pickup truck bed (hanging slightly out the back) Or if you don't have a pickup truck, we can break them down to boards which will fit in most SUV's. (Reassembly is easy, as they go together with sheetrock screws.) If you are willing to do the dismantling yourself, $5. off the above prices. If interested, send us an e-mail to the address below.

If you do book shows, we have some nice portable bookcases with lids. You can preload your books, stack them up when you arrive at a show and be set up in a few minutes. I'll try to put a few photos on Craig's list. But let us know if you are interested. ($10. a 2 foot long shelf). Our internet listings are now gone and probably will not reappear as for the present we'll be selling only on e-Bay.

And Finally: Feel free to contact us at the e-mail address below.

Bequaert Old Books, PO Box 552, West Swanzey, NH 03469-0552

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