Maintenance Log
Metacomet / Monadnock Trail
in New Hampshire


Trail Maintenance is not all hard work!

Latest Update: July 20, 2011

Why a Maintenance Log?

This log has been created to facilitate maintenance of the Metacomet Monadnock Trail in New Hampshire. While we may give some trail information, it is not meant to be used for planning hiking trips other than to provide a easy reference as to the condition of various sections of the Trail. We have divided up the Trail in NH into sections that are logical from the point of view of Trail Maintenance. In most cases the sections allow for an "in and out again" trail maintenance hike of a reasonable distance.

The sections are referenced to the sections in the 2005 Revision of the M/M Trail Guide with the first number being the section number in the Trail Guide.

Adding Material to this Log

If you have comments on Trail condition or have completed maintenance work on the NH M/M Trail, send a message to: MMNH Maintenance Coordinator . We'll post your message in the appropriate listing.

Helping out with Trail Maintenance

Are you interested in helping us with Trail Maintenance? We can always use an extra helping hand. Take a look at the Currently Planned work described below and, if interested, send a message to MMNH Maintenance Coordinator . Or just let us know when you are available and we'll include you in an upcoming maintenance trip.

Note: Please do not attempt to do any maintenance work "on your own" without checking with us well before you plan to do the work

Update on Relocations

3 trail relocations are completed, underway or in the planning stages. These are as follows:

  1. A bypass trail to provide a drier alternate route north of Grassy Hill Rd. See section 20-1 below.

  2. A relocation north of Little Monadnock to take the trail off of town roads in Troy. See sections 20-5 and 20-6 below.

  3. A relocation of part of the trail up Gap Mt. from the south. See section 21-2 below.

Index to trail sections (south to north)

Section 19 - Starts at MA/NH state line
Section 20 - Starts at Route 119
Section 21 - Starts at Troy Center
Section 22 - Starts at Route 124

Trail Log

REVISION of Maintenance Log As of August 24th, 2010 we have done a complete revision of this maintenance log to remove extraneous historical information and list only currently pertinent work that has been done on the trail since the spring of 2009.

Note on the compass directions we use. In discussing the trail we use the terms "North" and "South" to describe the overall direction of the M/M Trail. (e.g. the "southern" end is at the MA border, the "northern" end is at the top of Monadnock. Even though there are places the Trail travels west to east, we still use this nomenclature.

Similarly, if you were travelling north and something is to your right, it would be "east" of the Trail. If something is to your left it is "west" of the Trail.

Section 19

19-2. MA line to Greenwoods Rd.
(Top of Page 77 in Guide)

May 2011. Trail clear and well blazed.

Recent work: Russ has inspected and done necessary clearing in the spring of 2011.

Work needed: None at present.

Currently Planned Work: None.

19-3. Greenwoods Road. to Woods Rd. extension of Monument Rd.
(Middle of Page 77 in Guide)

Status: This trail is now open, clear and well blazed. The logging operation that took place in the summer and fall of 2010 is finished so the detour previously described is no longer needed and the detour signs have been taken down. As the detour is entirely on roads, it may be reopened as an alternate bypass trail in the future.

Recent work: Russ cleared and checked out this section in early May 2011.

Currently Planned Work: None

19-4. Extension of Monument Rd. to Route 119
(Bottom Paragraph of Page 77)

Status: Trail clear and well blazed.

Recent work: Russ checked trail and did necessary clearing and blazing in spring of 2011. In July 2010 Russ repainted blazes at the intersection of Monument Rd. and Rt 119 to make the route clearer for southbound hikers.

Work needed: None

Currently Planned Work: None

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Section 20

20-1. Rt. 119 to Tully Brook crossing in back of Morgan Reserve
(Center of page 78)

May 2011 Status: Road hiking fine (Grassy Hill Rd. is passable in a 4 wheel drive vehicle but there may be some rough spots along the way. The logging in this area is completed). The trail currently follows the route as described in the Trail Guide. This trail was checked out in the summer of 2011 and was okay.

An alternate Dry-shod Bypass Trail has been constructed to avoid wet areas on the trail between Grassy Hill Rd. and Tully Brook. This trail is now blazed in blue and signs have put up at its junctions with the M/M Trail. However, the current trail will continue to be maintained and will be the official route of the M/M Trail. When using the Bypass Trail, watch where you are walking as there are some rough spots in the footpath that need work.

Recent work: June 2010. Rt 119 and County Rd. (at the beginning of this section) have been reblazed so there should be no problems in following this piece of the trail. Also brush was cleared along Rt 119 to make blazes more visible.
Main M/M Trail from Grassy Hill Rd. to Tully Brook cleared and reblazed in July 2010.
Work Needed: Work is needed to smooth out the footpath of the Bypass Trail.
Work Planned: Bypass work hopefully will be done sometime summer of 2011.

20-2. Tully Brook in back of Morgan Reserve to end of Morgan Rd.
(Last 11 lines on page 78)

Recent work: Inspected and cleared in spring of 2011. Remaining blowdowns cut out in early summer 2011.

Currently Planned Work: None.

20-3. Morgan Rd. to Widow Gage Rd. (Passing through the Widow Gage Town Forest)
(Last paragraph on page 78.)

May 2011 Status: Trail clear of brush and blowdowns.

Recent work:
Blazed in July 2008.

Work needed: The Fitzwilliam Conservation Commission has purchased a piece of land that will connect the Widow Gage Forest with Rhododendron Road. They plan to install a parking lot at Rhododendron Rd. and put in a loop trail around the WG Forest and connecting to the Parking Lot. That loop trail will coincide with the M/M Trail for a distance where it passes through the WG Forest. This arrangement will provide a nice access point for the M/M Trail as well as taking the M/M Trail off of Widow Gage Rd.

Currently Planned Work: Frank will work with the forester building the loop trail to optimize trail locations and provide good signage. The M/M Trail in this area will be white blazed through the Widow Gage Forest so by following the white blazes you should not get off onto other trails.

Long Range Plans: None.

20-4. Widow Gage Rd. to intersection with Rhododendron Park Trail on Little Monadnock
(Paragraph below italics on page 79.)

April 2011. Status: All blowdowns on this section have been cleared up to junction with trail down to Rhododendron Park. Blazing needs some refreshing. Brush pretty clear.

Currently Planned Work: Blazing and some brush clearing. Relative low priority.

20-4S. Side trail from Rhododendron State Park to top of Little Monadnock
(Second italics paragraph on page 79.)

Status: May 2011. Unknown but likely open and in good shape. Sign post at top of trail (at M/M junction) has been repaired.

Recent work: Unknown.

Work needed: Unknown.

Possible long term work: There are a couple of places where this trail is washing out where it goes directly up relatively steep slopes. One of these places (just beyond the seasonal stream (just above the climb over the rock ledge) could be replaced with a couple of long switchbacks. Also, it might be interesting to figure out how to bypass the climb over the rock ledge.

Currently Planned Work: Responsibility of Monadnock State Park rangers.

20-5. Rhodo Trail intersection on Little Monadnock to Class 6 Rd. in Troy
(Top of page 80 in Trail Guide)

Status: July 2011. Walter has checked this section. In good shape.

Recent work: A possible new trail route from the power line to Troy Center has been flagged. This route would take the trail off of Troy Town roads. See 20-6 below.

Work needed: None

Currently Planned Work: July 2011. We are still working at getting permission from landowners for the reroute.

20-6. Class 6 Rd. junction with trail to Troy Station
(Middle of top paragraph on Page 80)

August 2010 Status: In good shape.

Currently Planned Work: None.

Long Range Plans: We have flagged a route which would eliminate the walking on paved roads in Troy by taking the Trail down the East side of the ridge and intersecting with the old railroad right of way. As the ridge drops steeply in this area, the route we have flagged will probably need modifications to slab the side of the ridge as much as possible. We are working at getting permission from landowners for the reroute.

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Section 21

21-1. Troy Station to trail to S Gap Mt. Parking Lot
(Middle of Page 80)

Status: July 2011. Good condition, well blazed. Blowdowns cut out in July 2011.

Work needed: None at present.

Currently Planned Work: None.

21-2. From Side Trail to S Gap Mt. Parking Lot to Ridge (beyond N Summit) of Gap Mountain
(Following italics on Page 81)

Status: This portion of the trail is experiencing heavy use with resultant trail erosion.

A major relocation of this trail was completed in the fall of 2010 by an SCA work crew. This rerouting takes the trail off of the Goodridge property and well away from their house.

Work needed: There is still heavy erosion where the trail climbs up old RR tie steps from just beyond the "Apple orchard" clearing. An SCA crew is scheduled to repair these steps in late September or October 2011.

21-2S. Side Trail to S Gap Mt. Parking Lot
(Italics on page 81)

Recent work: (This side trail is maintained by the Society for the Protection of the NH Forests)

Work needed: None at present.

Currently Planned Work: None.

21-3. South end of Ridge on Gap Mountain to Gap Mt. N parking lot
(Top of Page 82)

Status: August 2010 This portion of the Trail is heavily used and has, as a result, experienced heavy erosion. New water bars have been installed and the old water bars have been cleaned.

Recent Work: In late July 2010 two blowdown blocked the trail north of the turnoff to East Hill Farms. Both of these have been removed.
On August 14, 2010 a 3 man work party put in 7 new water bars (or extensions to old bars) at the upper end of the trail up from the North Parking Lot. In May 2011 a 10 man work crew put in more water bars plus bars in side trail (see below)

Currently Planned Work: Build up of water bars and a few more water bars needed.

21-3S. Side Trail from 21-3 to Old Mill Rd & East Hill Farm
(Italics at Top of Page 82)

Status: August 2010. Trail clear. Bridge over stream is in good repair. This trail experiences heavy use particularly in the summer with hikers coming in from East Hill Farm.

Recent work: in May 2011 a work crew put in 8 or so new water bars in the steep section of this trail (just below the junction with the M/M Trail.)

Work needed: Buildup of newly installed water bars is needed.
Also Renewal of blue blazes on Old Mill Rd to East Hill Farm.

21-4. N Gap Mt. Parking lot to Rt. 124

Status Spring 2011: Trail clear and well blazed.

Recent work: Trail inspected and cleared by Walter W.

Work needed: None.

Currently Planned Work: None

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Section 22

22-1 Rt 124 to White Arrow Trail at Picnic Grove
(Bottom of Page 82 in Trail Guide)

Status: Trail clear and well marked. As this is not a recommended way of climbing Monadnock, this trail shows little wear.

Recent Work: July 2010: Frank and Walter cleared the trail and cleaned water bars.
August 2009: A 5 man work crew headed by Frank spent most of a day installing and repairing water bars as indicated by Patrick Hummel (Manager of the Monadnock State Park).

Work needed: No immediate need for work.

Long Term Work: More water bars are probably needed in sections that follow the fall line.
There is a section of the trail at about .8 miles where the trail should be relocated a few feet to the left (going N) as the trail has become a stream bed at that point.
There is a section of the trail just south of the Cart Track where the trail climbs steeply past a large boulder. The trail could easily be relocated here with a wide sweep to the East (and return) to eliminate this steep climb (and future erosion.)

Currently Planned Work: None.

22-2. White Arrow Trail to summit of Monadnock
(Middle of Page 83)

Trail is reported open by the State Park.
May 2011 Status: As this is a major trail to the Summit of Monadnock it can be assumed to be in good condition

Recent work:

Work needed: None. This trail is maintained by the Monadnock State Park.

Currently Planned Work: None by M/M maintainers.

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