Our Mail Order Business

Tumble here! I'm CEC of Bequaert Old Books and I would like to take a few minutes of your time to fill you in on our internet based mail-order business. It is no easy job supervising this complex an operation and trying to guarantee that you, the customer, get the best of service.

My Number One Management Rule: An on-time employee is a motivated employee. Our employees are definitely motivated, but it never hurts to check. Five minutes to nine and there is Lesley's car pulling in the driveway.

Check, check and double-check! You can't be too careful when mailing out orders. We are dedicated to getting our books shipped on time, to the correct mailing address and by the shipping method you have requested. And every package shipped goes out with USPS Deliver Confirmation.

Hey Guys, we want to get this order off to Canada today! Large order or small, we try to put our orders in the mail within one business day after the order arrives.

This is definitely not another cute kitty in a box picture. We ship our books in corrugated cartons and we make sure a carton is up to specs before a book is packed.

Keep that wrapping tight! Before the books go in the box they are carefully wrapped in paper. Once in the box, we fit packing material around them to protect them from damage in shipment.

Let's put this sucker on e-Bay tonight! You can, of course, sell just about anything on e-Bay. For example, if you have a particularly stupid dog you want to get rid of, put him on e-Bay.....Just a thought.

Records, records, records! For each item we put in e-Bay, we fill in a form that goes in a notebook. When we need to know which customer won which item and when it was shipped, there is the info we need.

I try to stay on top of any orders for new supplies. As I told Frank the other day, just one extra zero on an order and tomorrow a semi will drive up and dump a thousand packing cartons in our driveway.

This is not a Playtom magazine centerfold, but yours truely taking a few moments off from the grind. Thomas Edison had a cot in his office where he used to take "cat naps". This is the couch where I take my "Edison naps" so I can awaken refreshed to invent new ideas for customer satisfaction.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our operation here at Bequaert Old Books. Remember, whether you're talking mouse hole or mail order, eternal vigilance is the basis of all success.


Copyright © 2006, Frank Bequaert