Our Business Philosophy

For over 300 years the used books business was pretty much the same. Dealers sold books through printed catalogs or off the shelves of their shops.

However, in the last 10 years the personal computer and the Internet have totally changed the business. Millions of books are now instantly available to collectors through book listing services and on-line auctions.

But nothing ever stays the same for long on the Internet. The challenge of the book business is trying to keep ahead of the technological changes that happen every day and make last week’s business plan obsolete.

We think we are doing a good job of keeping up. While we still provide our customers with the chance to browse in an old fashioned book shop, we also give them the opportunity to find interesting items in our stock through catalogs and the Internet.

Some dealers who sell on the Internet have no interest in building a customer base. Their attitude is that when they make a sale, they will probably never hear from that customer again. We feel this approach is extremely shortsighted. To us, a satisfied customer who will come back to us for future purchases is more important than making the maximum profit on every sale. Thus we offer a full refund on any item that a customer feels, on receipt, is not ‘as described’. We emphasize to our staff that the most important part of an Internet listing is the description of a book’s condition.

We also make a point of responding to queries in a timely fashion, shipping books out within one business day of payment and letting you know when shipments are made.

If you are not already one of our loyal customers, we hope we shall soon have the opportunity to welcome you to their ranks.